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Today’s outboard drag boat racing descends from the popular late-‘80s and early-‘90s Mod-VP circuit-racing. After the demise of Mod-VP, American and Canadian interests progressively shifted to mano a mano lake boat drag races. Locally in late-2016—after years of Drag accompanying Stock Outboard and T-boat circuit-racing classes—the Ontario Power Boat Racing Association (OPBRA) was formed to accommodate unprecedented drag participant, spectator, and sponsorship interest. So, OPBRA is old and new at the same time. Not new is that the same 800’ course continues to treat spectators to an immersive, up-close experience punctuated by the most maniacal aural purity in all of motorsport: 2-strokes spinning up to 11,000 rpm.

Seen racing are the same go-fast lake boats that frequent recreational waterways: STVs, Checkmates, Chargers, Allisons, HydroStreams, J-Crafts, etc. Because these boats are already weekend “lake racers”, owners can get a taste of formal racing with little cost or pomp and circumstance. To be competitive, OPBRA offers 3 classes with speeds from about 70 to over 100 mph. But, acceleration trumps top speed in an 800’ race: the quicker boats accelerate to 60 mph faster than many super cars—without the benefit of traction control, a predictable surface, or firmly planted tires.

OPBRA would also consider other classifications of power boat racing within our events. T-boats, vintage, Can-Am and hydroplanes are a few examples that could be included into our events depending on selected venue locations.

For official OPBRA rules and membership forms, click here.


You own one or know someone who does. Maybe it’s a friend’s fast ski boat, or your V6 bass boat, or a little-known weekend warrior—all can race. Most readers grew up with one or more of these boats and undoubtedly share similar stories. Grew up with ‘em, love ‘em. And can now safely race them in any of three classes: Formula is a turnkey class for just about every performance lake boat with basic V6 power (up to 225 hp), Lake Racer runs up to about 300 hp (most run Merc 260s or 280s), and Outlaw ups the ante to about 400 hp.

For specific membership details, forms, and OPBRA rules, click the below links. OPBRA membership includes voting rights, reduced event registration fees, OPBRA t-shirt, and pit lanyard.


Riding the rush of last year’s success, OPBRA has confirmed the following race weekends for 2018. Event Information and registration forms can be found in the links below.

See the sample agenda link below for what we roughly expect race weekends to shape up like.

OPBRA events are spectator-driven, and we welcome any suggestions and comments. Feel free to reach out at info@opbra.ca


If you haven’t already, and want to be guilty by association, reach out to discover an approachable OPBRA group ready to answer questions, share tips, and loan props, helmets, and proper life jackets to help.

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