The Ontario Power Boat Racing Association is a spectator driven, not-for-profit community organization of performance boat enthusiasts.

Our mission is to involve the Communities we host events in, and engage with the general public, local businesses and City staff to educate and demonstrate safe operation of performance vessels within a closed course environment.

Safety is our primary concern for all involved. We take risk management to the extreme to ensure our events are completed without incident. Our record speaks for itself with zero incidents to date! All of our competitors are tested prior to their first race. We do offer off site training and on-land seminars to those interested in getting involved.

OPBRA is a volunteer organization. We are always looking for like minded members of the general public to get involved, learn and grow with our team. We have on-land volunteers that are trained in First Aid. We contract paramedics which are at the ready, any time an OPBRA member is out on the water. We also have several boats and owners that volunteer to assist with waterway management and “floating” spectators.

OPBRA has developed 8 classes of competition to suit every enthusiasts need. Six levels of Drag Racing from Stock to Outlaw and two levels of Oval Track racing, T-750 and T-850. We have a STOCK class in Drag for the “store bought” performance boat. If you have a 1978 Hydrostream or a 2020 J-Craft, you could compete in this class!

Seen racing are the same go-fast lake boats that frequent recreational waterways: STVs, Checkmates, Chargers, Allisons, HydroStreams, J-Crafts, etc. Because these boats are already weekend “lake racers”, owners can get a taste of formal racing. This will introduce them to the advanced safety mitigations we utilize within the closed course. All lessons learned are encouraged to be utilized while at their own cottage lake.

OPBRA frequently adds other forms of racing to our events. Jet-ski circuit racing and in-board drag are two examples. These demonstrations engage our spectators and provide alternate programs for Municipalities to consider.

Our dry land displays have grown substantially due to collaboration with the Trent Severn Antique and Classic Boat Association and the Maple Leaf Antique Outboard Club. Vessels from the 1900’s up to the 1970’s are frequently on display.

To get involved and/or find out more about OPBRA, please CONTACT US