March Member Update

OPBRA Members,

With the race season fast approaching, your BOD has been working hard to get this season underway. We’ve had several challenging months navigating through the pandemic and dealing with insurance coverage. With the mandates being lifted, 2022 is showing great potential to get back on the water; however, we have yet to secure insurance for our season. The insurance coverage we had in previous years is simply not available anymore – the underwriter no longer offers that product. We have a potential lead with another west coast drag association regarding coverage and will know more in the coming weeks.

The CBF integration has been our top priority to obtain insurance and sanctions under their umbrella. We sent a positive letter of intent to their board of directors and have yet to get an official response. We recently heard their president Norm Woods resigned and they have yet to announce their new delegate. The CBF operates under a set of strict rules that associations must follow when applying for membership. That being said, we have updated our rules supplement and reference guide for 2022. The applications will be sent out this week that include club membership, Peterborough sanction and Insurance. We will update members on their decision.

The APBA and CBF have been put in place by the UIM as sanctioning bodies overseeing associations in the USA and Canada. Both the CBF and APBA delegate sanctions and insurance to approved clubs under the K&K insurance policy. To obtain that policy we must be an approved association with CBF.

Attached is the 2022 reference guide and rules supplement – we are still encouraging teams to review the rules and get your boats ready.

We are once again offering a reduced OPBRA membership of $50 for voting rights and rule change submissions to our 2022 AGM (Must be purchased before June 30th).  If and when racing continues this year, the racing member will be required to pay the remaining balance of the Full Comp amount (total $150).

We fully encourage new developing racers to read our rules and apply their craft to a class that suits their budget and experience level. OPBRA is an inclusive events based organization that has a place for everyone.

Thank you – we appreciate your support!

James W. Ross OPBRA President


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